My Offering

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During our first session, we will determine the length of time we will likely need to accomplish your coaching goals. I request that all clients commit to a minimum period of 3 months and a minimum frequency of bi-weekly sessions. This structure allows for sufficient time for action, learning and growth. 

  • Time Period: 3 Months of bi-weekly sessions (minimum) 
  • Includes:
    • Introductory call: 60-minute Sample Session to introduce you to coaching and get to know each other better
    • 1 x  2-hour Discovery Session dedicated to designing  your coaching goals - including an assessment of where you are today on your journey and where you want to be at the completion of coaching. Preparation of Winning Profile.
    • 5 x  1-hour regular session coaching (minimum)
    • Homework exercises and inquiries to complete in between sessions that we agree on together. These are critical to solidify learning from our sessions and movement forward before the next one
    • Unlimited email support in between sessions 
  • Goal: At the end of 3 months, we will discuss options for continued coaching, if needed
  • Cost: £150 per month. That's £75 per regular session with the initial 2-hour Discovery Session being £150


Still not sure whether coaching is right for you?

I offer a Free 60-minute Sample Session to introduce you to coaching and answer any questions you may have.